TechPaladin Printing now accepts Bitcoin!

bitcoin-accepted now accepts Bitcoin as a means of payment! We’re very excited to support this amazing and fast-growing digital currency. It’s only fitting that modern, high-tech 3D printers can be bought and sold with a modern, high tech currency. :)

When you’re checking out, Bitcoin will appear right between the Credit Card and PayPal options. We’re happy to offer more payment flexibility, and please don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any questions.

Haven’t got any Bitcoins? No worries; you can actually get some for free from the geneous folks at NetLookup. There’s no catch, but full disclosure: that’s an affiliate link that gives me a bit every time someone uses it. You can do the same once you’ve gotten your Bitcoins!

Now stocking rubber feet

We’re now carrying rubber feet to dampen the noise and vibration from your 3D printer. If you have a noisy machine on a hard surface, just put one under each corner and you’ll be amazed at the effect!


Back online

The store is back open for business! As of right now, many of the product listings are out of stock, but that should change in the next few days as the huge boxes start to arrive. We’ve got some new stuff too, including really nice smaller-diameter metal GT2 pulleys and quick-connect terminals for your bare wires. Those should be available tomorrow! We’d like to thank everyone for their patience as we ramp up again.

Still alive

There’s been some uncertainty as to whether or not we were going to keep the store open, and I’m happy to announce that will stay in business! We’re on vacation out of state for now, and our stock is fairly low, but over the coming days and weeks, we’ll replenish our inventory and even start selling a few new products!

As always, we thank all of you for being some of the most amazing customers out there. Keep on building the future!

Filament available!

We’ve now got filament in the store! Right now we’re starting out with the most commonly asked for kind: trusty old 3mm black PLA. This is NatureWorks 4043D PLA, and it’s very nice stuff to work with. If there’s demand, we’re going to carry more in the future.

A custom print

I did a custom print for Rust This World, which he plastered over and intends to turn into a mold. This is a great example of how 3D printing can make an idea come to life! It began as a concept:


…Became a 3D model:


…Then became a 3D printed prototype:


…And was plastered and turned into a mold negative:


This kind of custom rapid prototyping really shows off the strength of 3D printing!

MendelMaxes in the wild

One of my customers has sent a picture of his Mendelmax. It’s quite a beauty:


And it’s already printing beautiful objects, too: