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GT2 belts and pulleys available

At long last, I finally have GT2 belts and pulleys for sale. These are really nice since they cut your backlash down to practically zero. The belts I stock are a meter long, making them suitable for Prusa and MendelMax printers, even ones with X axes elongated by up to 40 mm. Pick some up today!

GT2 belts and pulleys.jpg

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  1. nophead says:

    How do you get 50 steps per mm? I make it (200 x 16) / (36 * 2) = 44.444444

  2. Harry Smith says:

    I am also in the midst of building a Prusa Mendel – Iteration 2 3D printer. Therefore I am presently on the hunt for parts and among them are GT2 pulleys and belts. I have seen the posting for the package for these but I have a concern about the length of the belts. According to the RepRap website’s part list I need two belts – 1 that 840 mm and 1 that is 900 mm. These appear to be longer. How would I adjust the length? Obviously I would have to cut them but how would I mend the shorter length back together?