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MendelMaxes in the wild

One of my customers has sent a picture of his Mendelmax. It’s quite a beauty: And it’s already printing beautiful objects, too: Congratulations!

MendelMax build: extruder

We’re nearing the end of the mechanical parts! I’ll be using the popular Greg’s Hinged Accessible Extruder in this guide. This section may differ for you if you’re using an alternate extruder such as the venerable Wade’s, but they’re all broadly similar. Let’s start with the idler. You’ll need to put a 608 bearing onto [...]

MendelMax build: Y table

Time to move onto the Y-table. A huge X-Y build area is one of the big advantages of the MendelMax, so this is a fun process. Before you do anything, insert your bushings into their holders. This will depend on your bushings and your holders, but I’m using Igus bushings and my Igus bushing holders. [...]

MendelMax printed parts sets available

I’m now selling printed parts sets for the MendelMax printer. I love the MendelMax design and I’m eager to see it take off, so I think this is a pretty exciting development. Here’s one of my kits: My kit includes all the standard parts with improved motor and idler mounts from AlephObjects, a Greg’s hinged [...]

MendelMax build: X and Z axes

I titled the last post in the build guide “MendelMax Build: frame part 1” because I anticipated there’d be a part 2; turns out the build was faster than I thought. Let’s move on to the X and Z axes. First, assemble your X-carriage. This should be a matter of attaching whatever manner of bushing [...]

MendelMax build: frame part 1

My MendelMax parts arrived! Here’s my beautiful pile-o-stuff from Misumi: Time to get cracking! I immediately tore into it. Step one is to tap the extrusions that need tapping. That means the two top extrusions (420 mm), the four diagonal extrusions which will attach directly to the lower vertices (340 mm, which only need one [...]